Weltbrandt Postcards Hat, Toile from ODEEH
Weltbrandt Postcards Hat, Toile from ODEEH

Weltbrandt Postcards Hat, Toile

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  • Hat


Material: 100% Cotton


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For many seasons now, ODEEH is working with several artists on various projects such as art exhibitions and capsule collections.

Blending the art and fashion world, expanding and pushing aesthetical boundaries each season, this is how ODEEH x WELTBRANDT came to live…


Björn Weltbrandt Wallbaum aka Weltbrandt is a German painter living in Berlin and Munich. Coming from a multimedial background, working in installation-art, sculpture and interior, his focus went to color and paint during the past years. His works are described as poetic abstraction, very bold and playful ductus, easy-to-get symbols of a child full mind. The „Paradise Paintings“ started 2020 during the first Corona-Winter and was mend to cheer himself up.

This first series of oil paintings on paper, called „little dirty paradise“, are the templates of the collaboration with ODEEH.

The colorful happy paintings with the melancholic twist, reminding us of the power of imagination and the joy of being part of the elements.

They are playful compositions with a palm-treelike protagonist, the sands of the beaches, the waves of the seas, the breezes of the winds from a pink sky and a sometimes a protective umbrella.